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Day 01 – Arrival / Negombo
We welcome you and your family to the paradise island of Sri Lanka as we pick you up and take a short drive to sandy beaches of Negombo. It is a popular overnight resting point and it has so much more to offer with its vibrant food and night scene and beautiful beaches overlooking the Indian Ocean.
Activities in Negombo
  • Boat ride in the beautiful Negombo Lagoon and float through the mangrove forests
  • Tour of the main street and the variety of shops and markets it has to offer
  • Continue to enjoy some deep sea fishing with the locals
Day 02 – Negombo / Yapahuwa / Anuradhapura
On the second day we head to the ancient kingdom and rock fortress of Yapahuwa which housed the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha during its time. Its history dates back to 13th century AD and it holds the remnants of King Buvanekabahu’s kingdom which stood tall during its reign. It is considered as one of the most important historical sites in the country.
Activities in Yapahuwa
  • A tour of the ruins of Yapahuwa
After catching a glimpse of Yapahuwa, we head to our destination the ancient city of Anuradhapura. It is known as the first capital of Sri Lanka and bears great historical and cultural importance to Buddhists in the country. Its ancient ruins of palaces, temples and dagobas have been preserved to all to see.
Day 03 – Anuradhapura
On our first full day at Anuradhapura we will visit some of the most vital sites to the Sinhala Buddhist culture.
Activities in Anuradhapura
  • Visit “Sri Maha Bodhi” – believed to be the oldest tree in existence, it is said to have sprouted from a sacred Bo Tree sampling brought to Sri Lanka by Princess Sangamitta when Buddhism was initiated here.
  • Visit “Ruwanwelisaya” – One of the largest stupas or dagobas it lies in the heart of the great city if Anuradhapura. It was built by King Dutugemunu who is considered to be one of the greatest of them all.
  • Visit “Jethavanaramaya” – It is believed that the Buddhas belt was preserved here and it was known to be the 3rd largest structure of the ancient world. It’s shear magnitude will leave you in awe.
  • Visit “Thuparamaya” – It is known to be the first stupa which was built in Sri Lanka after the introduction of Buddhism. Built somewhere around 3rd century BC it is believed to have preserved the right collar bone of Lord Buddha here.
Day 04 – Anuradhapura / Avukana / Dambulla / Sigiriya
On our way to Dambulla we will be visiting the magnificent structure that is the Avukana statue. Unbelievable as it may seem this statue of Lord Buddha in the upright position was carved into an existing granite stone and stands at a whopping 40ft. We will continue towards Dambulla, an ancient city where the famous cave temples are situated. These caves were occupied by Buddhist hermits thousands of years ago. It has been ingeniously caved into a massive rock formation and the peaceful ambience and frescoes dating back thousands of years still remain strong.
Activities in Dambulla
  • Visit the cave temples of Dambulla
  • Take a stroll at the Hiruwaduna village and get taste of the local village life
Within Dambulla is the amazing Sigiriya rock fortress which is a one of kind citadel constructed on top of a 200m rock. It was constructed by King Kasyapa fearing an attack for the true heir to the throne during around 5th century AD.
Activities in Sigiriya
  • A guided tour while you hike to the top of the rock fortress
Day 05 – Sigiriya / Polonnaruwa / Sigiriya
From Sigiriya we head to the ancient city of Polonnaruwa which also played a significant part in the country’s long history. It’s filled with many ancient structures, temples, tombs, statues and dagobas and it is a cultural and religious centre from 800 years ago.
Activities in Polonnaruwa
  • A well guided and informative tour of the ancient city
  • Take a bicycle ride from “new town” to “old town”
  • Enjoy a home cooked meal from a local nearby village home
We head back to Sigiriya to end the adventure for the day.
Day 06 – Sigiriya / Aluvihare / Kandy
Next stop is Kandy and on the way we will be going to the sacred temple named Aluvihare which is said to be one of the first Buddhist temples in the country. Build somewhere around 3rd century BC by King Devanampiyatissa it is home to many relics and praised among the local Buddhists. After a short tour of the temple we will be heading to the layover, Kandy.
Day 07 – Kandy / Gadaladeniya / Embekke / Lankathilake / Kandy
Kandy is one of the most popular destinations among tourists due to its serene beauty and historical and cultural importance in the country. It is the second most populated city and is tucked away in the valleys of the central mountain regions of Sri Lanka.
Activities in Kandy
  • Tour of the Kandy city and shopping for authentic cultural souvenirs
  • Visit the temple of the tooth relic and witness the daily pooja and make offerings of flowers for blessings
  • Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens just a short distance away from the city and enjoy a walk in amongst a wide range of beautiful flora and fauna
  • Visit the ancient monastery Gadaladeniya Rajamaha Viharaya. It is situated on a flat rock and dates back to the year 1344 and is famous for having nuances of south Indian architecture
  • Visit Embekke Devalaya which is also an ancient temple which is situated around 8 miles from the city of Kandy and is famous for its elaborate woodcarvings and structures
  • Visit to the majestic Lankathilake Rajamaha Viharaya which overlooks the scenic Hanthana mountain range is said to be one of the most architecturally sound temples in the Gampola kingdom;
We head back to Kandy after a long day of cultural Sri Lankan historical experience
Day 08 – Kandy / SoraboraWewa / Dambana
On Day 8 we head towards Mahiyanagaya which is home to the magnificent Sorabowawewa, a one of a kind irrigation reservoir. It was built with ingenuity way ahead of its time as you will learn which gave way to massive reservoirs since 4th century BC. We will also make a stop at Dambana, a native Sri Lanka Aborigine (Veddha) village. Veddhas are said to be the oldest human civilizations in the country dating back to 10,000 BC which was long before the arrival of Price Vijaya. In Dambana visitors will get a chance to experience the lives of these ancient tribes of Sri Lanka.
Activities in Mahiyangana
  • Visit Soraborawewa and learn about its specialty in all the reservoirs in the country
  • Visit the Veddha village of Dambana to experience a day in the life of a Sri Lankan Aboriginal
Day 09 – Kandy / NuwaraEliya
For Day 9 from Kandy we head to the chilly mountains of NuwaraEliya to wind down with some relaxation in the perfect climate. The beautiful landscapes of Nuwara Eliya or better known as “Little England” is sure to keep you captivated with its British colonial architecture with a mix of local hospitality.
Activities in NuwaraEliya
  • Visit a tea factory and have an in-depth tour of tea production
  • Boat ride in the picturesque Gregory Lake
  • A walk inside Victoria Park. This is the main park in NuwaraEliya and was built in honor of Queen Victoria’s 60th jubilee coronation in 1897.
  • Visit strawberry farm and enjoy freshly picked strawberries and strawberry juice
  • Visit the Ambewela farm which is a well-known dairy farm just outside in Nuwara Eliya.
Day 10 – NuwaraEliya / Ella
From NuwaraEliya we take a train ride of a lifetime to one of the most visited villages in the Hills, Ella. Ella is situated in the foothills of central Sri Lanka near Bandarawela. It is well known amongst travellers for its daunting hikes and natural beauty. Picturesque waterfalls and lush green landscapes clad the surrounding villages and it has many restaurants and pubs to keep things interesting.
Activities in Ella
  • Hike to Little Adams peak through beautiful tea fields with the view of Ella rock to the side
  • Hike to Ella Rock and a lunch picnic with the majestic view from top
  • A visit to the beautiful waterfall “Ravana Ella”
  • A short trek to the Nine Arch Bridge
Day 11 – Ella / Embilipitiya / Weligama / Galle
From the hills we make our way to the south as we make a stop in Embilipitiya which is known for the mining of precious stones and gems such as rubies and sapphires. You will be able to purchase these stones for rates unlike anywhere else in the world. As we make our way closer to the southern coast of Galle we make a stop at Weligama, famous for its golden beaches. It’s a lively fishing town popular among individual travellers who are willing to learn the art of surfing. The waves are not so overwhelming and is perfect for the beginner.
Activities in Weligama
  • Go on a deep sea fishing adventure with the locals
  • Learn to surf from the very basic level and pocket a new skill
  • Gourmet seafood experience from the catch of the day
To end the day we head to the final destination of the day the coastal marvel of Galle.
Day 12 – Galle / Colombo
Galle is probably the most visited city among tourists and locals alike. It is well known for its many Dutch colonial buildings which are scattered in every corner and most notably the Dutch fort which was built somewhere around the 1600’s.
Activities in Galle
  • Tour of the Galle city
  • Informative tour of the Galle fort where you will learn much about its inception
From Galle we head to the hustle and bustle of the capital city Colombo.
Day 13 – Colombo
Sri Lanka’s cosmopolitan centre, Colombo offers a rich and diverse colonial heritage with building structures dating back to the 18th century British Empire to the new swanky hotels and office structures of modern era. Diverse ethnic groups live harmony and add colour to this cultural explosion of a city which boast a wide array of culinary experiences from street food to gourmet delicacies which will surely keep you wanting to experience more.
Activities in Colombo
  • Take a city tour to witness the Pettah district and historic fort
  • Visit the Gangaramaya temple which is home to many priced antiques from all around the world
  • Experience the adrenaline rush of a tuk tuk ride around the city
  • Visit the Independence Square which commemorates the country’s independence from British rule
  • Visit the Galle face which is an urban park in central Colombo facing the Indian Ocean
  • Experience the nightlife and the best restaurants the city has to offer
Day 14 – Colombo / Departure
The amazing journey comes to and after a long and interesting day in our beautiful capital. Sri Lanka has a vast variety of experiences to be had and although with a heavy heart we take you to the airport to catch your flight back home only to see you once again.