Whale & Dolphin Watching

Witness the largest mammal on earth in its natural habitat on your next visit to Sri Lanka. Blessed with tropical weather and eco-friendly conservation policies that foster a booming tourist industry, the waters off the south coast in Mirissa and Kalpitiya on the west coast is home to the mighty Blue-whale. Whale and Dolphin watching tours are a popular tourist spectacle as the waters off the island’s coast has been known to have the largest population of blue whales in the world and other marine life like the giant sea turtles. On tour, stop off for boat tours that run daily from the coastal cities of Mirissa, Kalpitiya and Trincomalee depending on the season. Mirissa &Kalpitiya seasons usually last from November to April, March being the best month for spotting whales, while whale watching in the East coast is typically from June to August.