Beauty of Ramayana

Day 01 – Arrival / Negombo
Day 1 of our adventure filled Ramayan Tour package we will pick you from the airport and take you to the top beach destination just a few minutes away, Negombo. Tucked away in the west coast of Sri Lanka, Negombo offer a variety of 5-star and boutique hotels. A friendly local community and a healthy food scene it is the perfect place to start the journey.
Activities in Negombo
  • Boat ride in the beautiful Negombo Lagoon
  • Tour of the main street and the variety of shops and markets ithas to offer
  • Continue to enjoy some deep sea fishing with the locals
Day 02 – Negombo / Chillaw(Munneshwaram / Manavari Temple) / Short Kandy city tour
After a night of resting we head to the small town of Chilaw not so far away from Negombo. The Coastal town of Chilaw has a decent beach where the locals gather but may not be ideal for swimming.
Activities in Chilaw
  • Visit Sri Munneswaram Devastharam which is an important Hindu Temple in Sri Lanka built in 1000 AD. It is visited by thousands each year and is famous amongst Hindus and Buddhists alike.
  • Visit the Manavari Temple which is also an important Hindu temple situated in Chilaw
We head straight to Kandy, which is the second most populated city in Sri Lanka. Kandy is situated in the heart of Sri Lanka and bears significant importance in the religious and cultural aspects of the country.
Activities in Kandy
  • City tour of Kandy to see the sights and sounds the city has to offer
  • Day 03 – Kandy / NuwaraEliya (Sri Baktha Hanuman Kovil / Seetha Amman Kovil)
    The second day in Kandy we will get a chance to explore the town a bit more. The city lies in the valleys of central Sri Lanka and is a much visited hub for tourists, both due to its cultural and religious importance.
    Activities in Kandy 2nd day
    • Visit the temple of the tooth relic of Lord Buddha, one of the holiest places in the country
    • Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya
    From Kandy we head to NuwaraEliya which is also known as “Little England” due to its history and ambience which resembles the days of British Colonization. It is a peaceful village known famously for its tea production and exports.
    Activities in NuwaraEliya
  • Take a boat ride in the Gregory lake and enjoy the scenery
  • Take a tour in the tea factory and get an in-depth look into the production of tea
  • Visit strawberry farm and enjoy some freshly picked strawberries
  • Day 04 – NuwaraEliya / Bandarawela (Divurumpola / GayathriPedam)
    From NuwaraEliya we head towards Bandarawela which is another beautiful village in the hill country. The town has a very comfortable climate and provides ideal walking trails and due to its high elevation offers some spectacular views. It plays an important role in the legacy of Ramayana, as it houses places of worship that are linked to his legend.
    Activities in Bandarawela
    • Enjoy some peaceful walks in the town do some shopping in the local market
    • Visit the Divurumpola temple where Queen Sita supposedly took her oath as the same suggests in Sinhala. It is considered to be a place of worship among the locals
    • Visit Gayathri Pedam which is the place where it is believed that King Ravana’s son Meghanath won back Lord Shivas acceptance which gave him super natural powers
    Day 05 – Bandarawela / Ella (Ravana Falls / Ravana Caves)
    Short drive from Bandarawela is one of the most visited places by tourists, Ella. It is a small village in the valleys of the hill country that offers many hikes and great places for lodging. It also plays an important role in Ravana’s story due to the places that have been sighted.
    Activities in Ella
    • Visit Ravana falls which is a majestic waterfall which according to legend, King Ravana had kept Queen Sita in the cave nearby.
    • Visit the Ravana Cave which is said to have a connected to the Ravana Falls. According to the story of Ramayan, King Ravana had kidnapped Queen Sita and kept her confined in parts of these caves
    Day 06 – Kataragama (visit temple) / Ussangoda / Rumassala in Galle / Seenigama Temple Hikkaduwa / Sri Anjaneyar Temple Colombo
    From Ella we head towards Kataragama, a pilgrimage town important amongst Buddhist, Hindus, Muslims and the indigenous Veddah people. In July and August it beholds the Kataragama festival which draws thousands of followers and is a true spectacle.
    Activities in Kataragama
    • Visit Kataragama Devalaya and participate in its many rituals
    • On way back Kataragama we will be stopping at a very important archaeological site, Ussangoda. It is considered as a nature reserve and the view of the ocean from its peak is quite breathtaking
    We will make our way to Rumassala beach in Galle to enjoy the salty breeze and spectacular views it offers. It also bears an importance in terms of the Ramayana story, where it is believed that hills are a part of the Himalayas that Hanumantha had dropped here in this spot.
    Activities in Rumassala
  • Visit the Rumassala sanctuary which is a hill that has many endemic species of bird and medicinal plants
  • We will be stopping at Seenigama Temple in Hikkaduwa on our way to Colombo. It is a small temple which is situated 100m offshore and can be reached only by boat. Next stop is Colombo and we make a stop at the Sri Anjaneyar temple in Colombo which is considered to be the first Anjaneyar temple in Colombo.
    Day 07 – Colombo / Departure
    After the layover in Colombo we head to the airport to catch the flight and reminisce about the amazing times had during the journey.