Explore Ceylon

Day 01 – Arrival / Anuradhapura (stay @ Ulagalla)
We welcome you to the island paradise of Sri Lanka as we pick you up from the airport and take you straight to the ancient capital city Anuradhapura. It is the pride of Sri Lanka as it boasts the ancient ruins of temples and palaces during its 1300 year reign. Before we explore, you will be taken to one of our partnering hotels Ulagalla known to be one of the most luxurious hotels in the country.
Activities at Ulgalla
  • Kayaking in the local lake as you take in the beauty of the local villages
  • Candle lit dinner while you relax and enjoy the night sky
Day 02 – Anuradhapura / Sigiriya (Rock) / Anuradhapura
From Anuradhapura we head to the tourist hotspot of Sigirya. It is home to the majestic Sigiriya Rock fortress which is a palace built on top of a 200m rock structure by King Kasyapa fearing an attack for the true heir to the throne. It’s engineering brilliance and ingenuity still puzzles scientists and historians alike.
Activities in Sigiriya
  • Guided tour while hiking to the top of the rock fortress followed by a rewarding panoramic view
  • A stroll in the small picturesque village of Hiriwadunna which is a great chance to experience the local village life
Day 03 – Anuradhapura (Ruins) / Trincomalee (stay @ Jungle Beach)
On the second day we head out to explore the great ancient city of Anuradhapura. It was named a UNESCO world heritage site due to its historical and cultural importance and is a part of the countries cultural triangle. It is home to ruins of many temples and holy places dating back thousands and can prove to be a very enlightening experience.
Activities in Anuradhapura
  • Visit “Sri Maha Bodhi” which is believed to be the oldest tree in existence, it is said to have been planted from a sacred Bo Tree sampling brought to Sri Lanka by Princess Sangamitta when Buddhism was introduced in Sri Lanka.
  • Visit “Ruwanwelisaya” which is a sacred dagoba that lies in the heart of the great city if Anuradhapura is one of the largest. It was built by King Dutugemunu who is considered to be throne of the greatest heroes in history.
  • Visit “Thuparamaya” – After Sri Lanka was introduced to Buddhism this considered to be the first stupa that was built in its honor. Built somewhere around 3rd century BC it is believed to have preserved the right collar bone of Lord Buddha here.
  • Visit “Jethavanaramaya” which is known to be the 3rd largest structure of the ancient world will surely leave you in awe.
Day 04 – Leisure @ hotel
After a day of adventure we head back to the hotel for some much needed rest and we prepare for day 4 for activities in and around the hotel.
Activities at Hotel
  • Cycle tour to experience the beauty of the village first hand.
  • Horseback riding hosted by the hotel
  • A lesson in archery
Day 05 – Trincomalee / Passikudha (stay @ Uga Bay)
We take an early start to head towards to beautiful sandy beaches of the north east. It is town with plenty of charm and history and has become a famous tourist destination due to its beautiful beaches but hidden behind is historical importance in Mahavamsa and Hindu text Vayu Purana.
Activities in Trincomalee
  • Visit Koneswaram temple with its larger than life statue of Lord Shiva
  • Enjoy the beauty of Uppuveli and Nilaveli beaches
  • Take a thrilling speed boat ride to visit Pigeon Island
  • Try out snorkeling and scuba diving to get up close and personal with the marine life and coral reef
Day 06 – Passikuda / Yala – Jeep safari in the afternoon (Stay @ Chena Huts)
Pasikudah is home to amazing beaches and coral reefs to keep you wishing for more. Its luxurious hotels and escapes hold a special place not only for tourists but also for religious people as there are many temples and holy places here.
Activities in Pasikuda
  • Enjoy the beauty of Pasikuda beach
  • Catch a glimpse of the coral reef as we take a snorkeling adventure
Head over to one of the most famous safari destinations Yala National Park for an afternoon jeep safari. Witness the great Sri Lankan leopard, Elephants, mugger crocodiles and many other endemic bird species.
Activities in Yala
  • Afternoon jeep safari adventure to witness some rare mammals and bird species up close and personal
Day 07 – Morning & evening Jeep safari
After an overnight rest we head back into the jungle, this time starting early morning with a much higher chance of leopard sightings. This will be followed by an evening expedition as well as some animals stay hidden until sundown to come out in the open to hunt.
Activities in Yala
  • Morning jeep safari
  • Evening jeep safari after sundown
Day 08 – Yala / Colombo – city tour (stay @ Residence by Uga Escapes)
After the best wilderness experience we head to more human populated grounds as we take a trip to Colombo, the capital city. Colombo is a vibrant outburst of colour and cultural extravagance with so much to offer, with a bustling night scene. It has many luxury hotels and cultural hotspots alike and is the perfect place to stay as the journey slowly comes to an end.
Activities in Colombo
  • A city tour which will cover the essential sites of Colombo such as Gall face, The Old Parliament building, Gamgaramaya Temple and the Independence Square
  • A thrilling tuk tuk ride around the city
Day 09 – Departure
It is with a heavy heart on the 9th day after your arrival we bid farewell only with the hope of seeing you once again. You will be taken to Katunayake airport to catch your flight back home with memories from our paradise island that will last forever.