Scenic Landscapes

Needless to say, Sri Lanka is a land like no other. It offers some of the most diverse experiences ranging from tropical beaches of the coastal areas and the lush scenic mountain landscapes of the central highlands. The thing that differentiates the hill country to the rest is the lush green mountainous pastures it behold, together with its colder climate due to higher altitudes make it must for any adventurous traveler. This mountainous area occupies the south central regions and is the heart of the country. It offers some of the best views in the world, extra-ordinary waterfalls and is carpeted with vast area of tea plantations. A wide range of hikes and camping trips can also be included in your package with us as the central highlands is well known for such adventurous expeditions and why not include a scenic train ride through the misty mountains while you’re at it.


Ella is a true gem very popular among our Clients, offering some scenic yet challenging hikes awarded by some of the most stupendous views you could imagine. It is a small town located in the foothills near Bandarawela and is well known for treks such as “Little Adams Peak” and the Mighty “Ella Rock”. You might want to spend at least a couple of days here in Ella and you can also take a day excursion by train to Badulla, where you can experience the magnificence of “Dunhinda Falls”. When in Ella, after a day of tiring trekking one could wind down and relax in the many restaurants and pubs the town has to offer with a wide array of international and local cuisine as well as some chilled out live music. The Ravana Waterfalls located in Ella unfolds the legend of Ravan, the King of Sri Lanka who is connected with the infamous Ramayana Legend. It is also very common for people to take one of the most scenic train rides from Ella to Nuwara Eliya or vice versa which is also a must visit.


Haputale is known for its other-worldly views which cannot be missed wherever you might be in the town. The views span so far that on a clear day one could witness southern coast in the distance with a chance to view some important landmarks like the Hambantota lighthouse in the night. Even on a cloudy day great swarms of cold mist will take hold of the mountain edges, either way providing some views to die for. If you want to include a trip to Horton Plains National Park, Haputale would be an ideal base to start off and end the journey. You could also take the short scenic trek to “Lipton Seat”, where Sir Lipton would sit with a cup of his own brew and soak in the magnificent views.

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya is common ground for tourist and locals alike during the local Awurudu Season (Sinhala and Tamil New Year) when it gets overly crowded. It is the highest town in Sri Lanka in the foothills of mighty Piduruthalagala Mountain and its unique ambience stems from the British Colonial architecture that is very vibrant across this beautiful place, which is one of the main reasons we call it “Little England”. It is known as a hub for fresh vegetables that you can find even in Colombo and if you decide to travel here with us do make sure to grab some of the freshest for fraction of the cost in Colombo. Nuwara Eliya is famous amongst golf players and also houses a well maintained city park named “Victoria Park”, which is ideal for a relaxing walk to calm your mind.


Located in central Sri Lanka in the districts of Matale and Kandy, Knuckles mountain range is both daring and elegantly beautiful. The name “Knuckles” derives from a series of peaks that resemble a clenched fist with the knuckles pointing upward. This effect most notable from some parts of Kandy district viewing the 5 of the highest of its peaks out of a total 34 peaks. This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to some of the toughest and most daring hikes of the country and you will be able to view some magnificent waterfalls in every turn of your trails within its 234 square kilometer range. The harder the hike you choose, the more rewarding the views and the waterfalls would be.