North – Jaffna City

It is safe to say that north of the country is quite unlike the rest and Jaffna often goes unseen by our usual travelers not knowing the raw beauty and cultural importance it has to offer. The place is led by Tamils with a strong Hindu culture very familiar to southern India and is of high contract to Buddhist Sinhalese Culture of the south. Considered to be one of the most affected areas from the devastating 30 years old civil war conflict between the North and rest of the country that ended in 2009, most areas are still rebuilding and the scars from battles still remain. There are some amazing sites to visit in Jaffna most notably the magical Hindu temples which can be seen in every corner. One that stands out in the Keerimalai Naguleswaram Kovil which is said to date back 1000 years and also a dip in the clean and pristine waters Keerimalai Pond is supposed to have healing powers.