Golden Sandy Glamour

Day 01 – Arrival / Negombo
Upon your arrival in the Katunayake International Airport you will be diverted to the beautiful beachside town of Negombo which is a short drive from the airport. It’s the perfect destination for you to get a taste of the true essence of Sri Lanka.
Activities in Negombo
  • Early morning boat ride in the Negombo lagoon
  • Go shopping in the fish market and enjoy freshly home cooked lunch
  • Explore the main street and Negombo beaches
  • Enjoy the nightlight in the many restaurants and pubs the town has to offer
Day 02 – Negombo / Pinnawala / Sigiriya
From Negombo on the second day we will be taking a journey to the ancient city of Sigiriya in Dambulla and on the way we will be making a stop at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. As the name suggests it’s an orphanage to provide lifeline to baby and adult elephants that have been abandoned or lost in the wild.
Activities at Pinnawala
  • Stand a chance to witness the normal day in the life of an orphaned elephant and witness them bathing and even try feeding a calve
Day 03 – Sigiriya
Day 3 we will starting off at Sigiriya, one of the most popular destinations among tourists is home to the majestic Sigiriya Rock fortress which is a palace built on top of a 200m rock structure by King Kasyapa fearing an attack for the true heir to the throne. It’s engineering brilliance and ingenuity still puzzles scientists and historians alike.
Activities in Sigiriya
  • Guided tour while hiking to the top of the rock fortress followed by a rewarding panoramic view
  • A stroll in the small picturesque nearby village of Hiriwadunna which is a great chance to experience the local village life
Day 04 – Sigiriya / Kandy
From Sigiriya we will be making our way to Kandy, which will turn out to be a historical and cultural explosion which will be one of the most memorable in the entire tour. Kandy is situated in the foothills of the heart of Sri Lanka and although it is a very populated city, its calm surroundings and heritage sites provide a wonderful experience.
Activities in Kandy
  • Tour of the Kandy city where you will visit the variety of restaurants, shops and market places among others
  • Visit to the Temple of the tooth relic of Lord Buddha is the most essential activity when in Kandy. You will bear witness many rituals that happen within the premises including the daily pooja for the tooth relic
  • Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya and take a stroll among its beautiful variety of flora and fauna
Day 05 – Kandy / NuwaraEliya
From Kandy we will be heading to the chilly mountain landscapes of NuwaraEliya or its well-known nickname “Little England”. The name is derived from its cold climate and old British colonial buildings that resemble that of Europe. The first day in NuwaraEliya will be spent at the hotel with much needed rest and taking in the new surroundings.
Day 06 – NuwaraEliya
The entire day will be spent in this beautiful town exploring and experiencing its wide array of activities.
Activities in NuwaraEliya
  • Boat ride on Gregory lake which is a huge lake in the middle of the city enjoying the cool breeze and view
  • A walk inside Victoria Park. This is the main park in NuwaraEliya and was built in honor of Queen Victoria’s 60th jubilee coronation in 1897.
  • Visit strawberry farm and enjoy freshly picked strawberries and strawberry juice
  • Visit the Ambewela farm which is a well-known dairy farm just outside on NuwaraEliya.
Day 07 – NuwaraEliya / Galle
We head to the southern coast on our seventh day, introducing you to the unique beauty of Sri Lankan beaches. From NuwaraEliya we take a long drive to Galle and all its wonders. A city with its many Dutch colonial building and rich history is a delight in its own. Galle is mostly known for its core, the Galle fort which was built by the Dutch in the 1600’s
Activities in Galle
  • Tour of the Galle city
  • Informative tour of the Galle fort where you will learn much about its inception
Day 08 – Galle / Bentota / Colombo
We follow the coast to another beautiful sandy beach destination that in Bentota. It’s a small fishing village famous for its luxury and boutique hotels. It’s well known for its cinnamon trade and the many activities to keep the traveller enthralled.
Activities in Bentota
  • River safari in Madhu ganga through the mangroves perfect for the nature lover
  • Visit the turtle conservation project in Kosgoda
  • Go diving to witness the great corals
Day 09 – Colombo / Departure
To end our epic adventures in the great island of Sri Lanka we head to the capital city Colombo.Colombo is a multi-ethnic city and a cultural melting pot with architectural liking from Dutch colonial era to modern high rise structures. It also has a vibrant food scene and night life to match that quality.
Activities in Colombo
  • Take a city tour to witness the Pettah district and historic fort
  • Visit the Gangaramaya temple which is home to many priced antiques from all around the world
  • Experience the adrenaline rush of a tuk tuk ride around the city
  • Visit the Independence Square which commemorates the country’s independence from British rule
  • Visit the Galle face which is an urban park in central Colombo facing the Indian Ocean
  • Experience the nightlife and the best restaurants the city has to offer
Our guide will take you to the airport to catch your flight. We hope you enjoyed the adventures and see you next time around.