Day 01 – Arrival / Negombo (Afternoon Ayurveda treatment at the hotel)
As we welcome you to our island paradise from the Katunayake International Airport we take you to the infamous seaside village of Negombo. Its golden beaches and picturesque lagoons provide a unique experience to the traveller. You will be welcomed to unwind in an afternoon of luxury Ayurvedic treatment to start off the trip at the Ayur Ayur Ayurvedic Resort where you will be staying overnight.
Activities in Negombo
  • Luxury Ayurvedic treatment
  • Boat ride in the Negombo lagoon
  • Go shopping in the fish market and enjoy freshly home cooked lunch
  • Explore the main street and Negombo beaches
  • Enjoy the nightlight in the many restaurants and pubs the town has to offer
Day 02 – Negombo / Kandy (Peradeniya + City Tour with a visit to the Temple)
From Negombo we will be heading to the second most populated city in the country, Kandy. It is a town situated in the foothills of central Sri Lanka and is also a UNESCO world heritage site and is of great importance to the country due to its cultural importance in Buddhism. Your overnight stay will be a tour luxurious partnering hotel Santani Wellness Resort and Spa. A unique experience where you will be treated based on your body assessment.
Activities in Kandy
  • Specialized Ayurvedic treatment at Santani Wellness Resort and Spa
  • Tour of the Kandy city and shopping for authentic cultural souvenirs
  • Visit the temple of the tooth relic and witness the daily pooja and make offerings of flowers for blessings
  • Visit the Royal Botanical Gardens just a short distance away from the city and enjoy one of the most beautiful walks in park
Day 03 & 04 – Ayurveda treatment at the hotel
On the 3rd and 4th days of your trip you will be exposed to treatment of kings and queens at this magical hotel. The Santani Wellness Resort and Spa offers a team of wellness specialist who will tend to your every need and asses you based on your stress levels, bodily compositions, future goals etc. to give you treatment you deserve.
Day 05 – Kandy / Bandarawela (Train)
Day 5 after much relaxation we will take a journey of a lifetime as we take one of the most scenic and picturesque train ride in the world. The winding railways alongside the misty mountains overlooking the most beautiful landscapes will take us to Bandarawela. It is a small village in the mountains of central Sri Lanka which is a famous drive by close to the tourist hotspot Ella. Your overnight stay will be at Anasa Wellness Resort and Spa in Bandarawela. This is your opportunity to heal, rejuvenate and immerse yourself in the luxuries of paradise.
Activities in Bandarawela
  • Enjoy some peaceful walks in the town do some shopping in the local market
Day 06 & 07 – Ayurveda treatment at the hotel
On day 6 and 7 you will get to fully experience the nature of your mind and body like never before. The packages we have in store will surely recover you in a true luxury holiday experience. We offer a combination of yoga, fitness and a number of recreational activities to keep things interesting.
Day 08 – Bandarawela / Beruwala
From the central hills we will take a relatively long trip to the coastal regions for a shift in environments. Beruwala is situation in the southern coast and provides some of best beaches in its calm surroundings and some of the best Ayurvedic retreats of the country. Heritance hotels one of our best partners in the industry and your overnight stay will be at the Heritance Ayurveda Resort where you will experience some of best treatments the country has to offer
Activities in Beruwala
  • Go on a boat ride to experience some of the marine life in the area
  • Ayurvedic treatments at the hotel
  • Gourmet seafood experience
Day 09 - 13 - Ayurveda treatment at the hotel
Breathe your stresses and troubles in this unique experience where you will heal your body and mind in this customized relaxation and dining experience to suite you bodily needs. 5 days of true luxury that you will never forget for ultimate recovery.
Day 14 – Beruwala / Departure
The ultimate Ayurvedic experience ends after 14 days of relaxation and luxury. This journey through paradise and its authentic medicines will surely recover and repair your system to function as it is intended to and we surely hope it has been a memorable experience.